Photographer. Mother. Poet. Runner. Lover. Dreamer. Explorer. Imp.

I cherish being alive and am unapologetic about who I am.
I live to create.

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Since @makisphoto asked what I’m doing now - I’m outside, about to do some stretches and then go for a run. It’s delightfully sunny and 78. 😊👍
Hey, what are you up to, @tama_tee? 😘
#widn #fitness #selfie

Oh my, it’s so BIG.
Not sure I can fit that in my mouth…
So nice and firm!
Oops! The juice is running down my chin.
So filling, and yet - I can’t wait to do that again.

^Things I say about my Honeycrisp apple.

I bang my head
against the walls of my heart,
where I am trapped indefinitely,
not wanting to stay
and not wanting to leave,
both longing for
and dreading the day
when the monotonous, tortured beating
will stop.
#ibelieveinwords #scanography #selfportrait